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Portland State University Continuing Education PressPortland State University Continuing Education Press

The Continuing Education Press has closed its doors effective March 31, 2009.

Effective immediately the Continuing Education Press will no longer be processing orders.

Independent Study books will continue to be available through Specialty Books virtual bookstore.

Information on Oregon reading and math standards books is now available at the Center for Student Success.

For information on availability of other books from other sources, see below.

We will be posting information to this website as we receive it. Please check back frequently for updates.

Italic Handwriting Series

Italic Handwriting Series
By Barbara Getty,M.A., and Inga Dubay


Grantwriting Beyond the Basics Series

Grantwriting Beyond the Basics Series
By Michael Wells


Getting Funded
By Mary Hall, PhD and Susan Howlett


Working on the Bomb, an Oral History of World War II Hanford
By S. L. Sanger