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Getting Funded
Getting Funded

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The New Edition of an Enduring Classic

  • Over 35 years in print
  • Draws on over 60 years of experience in the field
  • 100,000 copies sold
  • National bestseller

Getting Funded
The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals

Fourth Edition

Compete Successfully for Shrinking Funding Dollars

In the existing climate of increased competition for reduced funding dollars, writing a winning grant proposal is essential.

Get the answers to your most troublesome questions. Drawing on over 60 years of experience in the field, authors Dr. Mary Hall and Susan Howlett take you step by step through this complex and sometimes frustrating process. Everything is covered, from current trends in funding to all the nuts and bolts necessary for writing a successful proposal.

By illustrating points with clear examples, incorporating checklists, a teaching guide for instructors, and other useful tools to keep you on track, the 4th Edition of Getting Funded continues to be the definitive reference on writing grant proposals available today.

You will learn how to:

  • Test the appeal of your idea
  • Measure your organization's capability to carry out what it proposes
  • Research and develop your idea
  • Select the most promising funding sources
  • Construct your proposal from abstract to budget, using proven management planning procedures
  • Present and negotiate your proposal
  • Prepare for a subsequent round of funding

Who Should Use Getting Funded?

Everyone responsible for raising funds:

  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Social service program personnel
  • Educators
  • Health professionals
  • Nonprofit organization development personnel
  • Graduate students involved in dissertation planning

Everyone who oversees organizations involved in fundraising:

  • Elected and appointed officials
  • Nonprofit organization board members and executives
  • University administrators
  • Research and project directors

Everyone who plans and seeks support for new programs or ventures:

  • Public sector administrators proposing new programs
  • Private sector managers proposing new ideas or initiatives

What's New in This Edition?

  • Web resources and numerous helpful checklists
  • A brand new section for instructors teaching proposal writing, including a sample syllabus for 11-week and three-week courses and suggested assignments for each chapter
  • More guidance and examples for small organizations in addition to larger, more sophisticated applicants